Khanna casting and film is one of the production company that specializes in creating high quality videos with amazing content. They have a great team, well trained and all the services provided under one roof. This firm does both film making as well as video production and there is actually major difference between them which need to be understood.


Video production is a whole process of creating or making a video. Whether it’s a full length film, short film, TV Commercials, marketing videos, music videos or any other kind of movie or a video, the process may differ a bit according to the specifications but overall process is just the same. The general process of video production can be brought into three categories Production, Pre-production and Post production. These all three categories consist of all aspects of producing videos, right from the moment an idea jumps into your brain to the final moment when the film is released in general public.


On the other hand, film production is the process of making a film. It includes several complex stages such as story idea, initial story, casting, directing, screenwriting, editing, screening, sound recording the complete product before the public as a film. It is the combination of images, videos, direction and everything else. Film production generally consists of five steps.



The very first step in film production is development. In this stage, ideas of the film are developed and created, the screenwriting is also done. In addition to this, financing of the project is also obtained and decided in this stage.


Pre – production

In this stage many preparations are made for the shoot like hiring the film crew and cast, choosing locations and constructing the sets.



In this stage the raw footage and other basic elements of the movie are recorded at the time of shooting of the film.



In this stage images, visual effects and sound of the recorded film are combined and edited to make it presentable to the world.



In the last stage, the complete movie is distributed to be marketed and screened in various cinemas worldwide.



Films made on a small scale require a large team of people to produce them. This is usually not the case with video production, videos can even be individually produced very easily with today’s modern video and audio recording technology. If we talk about location, films require different location to be shot and with video production the location footprint is very often accomplished in a single location. Also, script of the films tend to be very elaborate but in case of videos, scripts are very straightforward and simple. Most important there is less stress involved when it comes to digital video shooting. On the other hand While  making a film a lot more goes into such things as cast selection, hiring crew members, production, editing and so forth.


Although the differences mentioned above point out the simplicity of video production but it doesn’t mean making videos is easy. Producing films and making videos both are different at their level and the amazing thing is Khanna casting and films produce both. For stress free, reasonably priced and amazing content videos and films you should definitely contact this firm. We offer all of your videography needs with. We have a professional team of videographers, editors and cinematographers who are happy to assist that can proudly represent your brand and all the services are provided under one roof.