Khanna casting and films is the top film production and casting agency in India over the last ten years. They specialize in commercial ads, corporate video production, movie and web-series film production, branded/social content, Indian and foreigner actor-models casting. We can say this firm has all the services under one roof, you don’t have to find different companies for different work all the steps of production a film or a show can be done here easily. Also this firm has worked with amazing brands like Zomato, Paytm, Pepsi,Roohafza, Crax, Lay’s, 100 pipers, Kent RO, Parle-G, Uber etc. and also had an amazing experiences shooting with them because of creative minds and solution oriented team with them.



Let’s talk about the services provided KCAF under one roof. It is an Indian casting agency, they have experienced film and television professionals that’s why they understand the challenges that client’s face while shooting and level of service every client require and this casting agency knows exactly who to cast for a particular show or a film. They know casting is the main ingredient in a dish that is movie. The whole process of casting is done screening, testing, and analyzing for amazing output in a movie. The artist they offer are the best in their field. A character needs a portrayal and they are solely dedicated to seek out right and deserving candidate. Just provide them the details of a particular role and they will provide the character for you.


Script Writing is also a very important and basically the first step of the producing a film or a show. Every great brand starts with a great video script. Khanna casting and films create scripts that emphasize on brand value. Their major focus in conveying message to the right customers and audience. Most important they have experienced team to create captivating storytelling and documentaries. They offer all the script writing services with a team of creative and experienced script writers.



KCAF also provides voiceover services. They are provided in wide range of languages both, Indian as well as foreign language. It is a right place to choose if you are looking for a voiceover for a movie or a video as they have a proficient  voice-over artist.



All types of content you need to shoot a particular video is provided by KCAF including small business videos, brand videos, Product video, Music videos, TV Commercial and digital video, Event video and corporate video. They have all the teams created for shooting different types of content with amazing ideas and obviously experience. They have complete knowledge what type of content is required in different field for smooth working and interesting content KCAF is the best.


We can see all the services required in a film industry in all the fields whether it is advertising or a film or web-series all the teams are available to make it easy. We conclude Khanna casting and films provide all the services under one roof.